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Date:  June 4, 2018


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Subject:  Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Zinc Nickel Plating


West Hartford, CT, June 1, 2018:   Har-Conn, specialists in metal finishing, is pleased to announce the addition of a new chemistry of Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Zinc Nickel.


Effective June 2018 Har-Conn will be implementing the new chemistry of Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Zinc Nickel Plating. The process produces a highly corrosion resistant alloy coating for the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Har-Conn specializes in aerospace and high technology applications of Electro/Electroless Plating’s Engineered coatings. Har-Conn currently operates two facilities; West Hartford, Connecticut and Fort Worth, Texas. Their reputation for quality and service is outstanding, serving more than 2,000 customers worldwide.

Har-Conn’s work is found in such diverse areas as the space shuttle, the missile program, military and commercial aircraft engine, airframe, and landing gear, surgical instruments, computer components, avionics and laser, automotive and electronic equipment.

Har-Conn applies engineering-type electroplated and electroless coatings and also applies dry film lubricants, spayed high temperature coatings used for corrosion resistance, and chemical conversion coatings. It repairs worn or ‘mis-machined’ parts to restore dimensional tolerances, and processes very large parts (e.g., jet engine turbine cases and landing gear cylinders) as well as very small parts (e.g., cobalt X-Ray elements, 1.6 million pieces to the kilogram). 

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