Strip and Blast

Har-Conn offers a variety of stripping and abrasive blasting services. Along with prime contractor approvals, Har-Conn offers chemical stripping of plating’s and coatings along with abrasive blasting with Aluminum Oxide, Plastic Bead and Glass Bead Media.

Specification Specification Description Company
CPS 6007 Strip Cadmium Curtis Wright
PCS 2620 Grit Blast Messier Dowty
RPS26/15 Stripping Of Paint, Organic Media Blasting Rolls-Royce
RPS26/4 Stripping Of Paint, Caustic Soda Rolls-Royce
RPS386 Abrasive Blast Rolls-Royce
RPS678 Organic Media Blasting Rolls-Royce
SPOP 10 Dry Blast, 500 grit aluminum oxide SPOP
SPOP 310 Stripping of Nickel-Cad SPOP
SPOP 40 Stripping of nickel, nickel-cad, electroless nickel SPOP
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