Nickel Cadmium Plating

Nickel Cadmium (diffused) plating entails the electrodeposition of cadmium onto an electrodeposit of nickel on carbon, low-alloy, and corrosion-resistant steels. After cadmium plating, a chromate conversion coating is applied to the cadmium and the part is then heated in an air-circulating oven held at 630 °F plus or minus 10 °F for not less than 30 minutes to diffuse the cadmium plate into the nickel plate. This coating is typically used to prevent corrosion of carbon, low-alloy, and corrosion resistant steel parts which may operate in service up to 900 °F, but usage is not limited to such applications. This process is not suitable for use on parts of complex shape where minimum nickel plate thickness requirements cannot be met and on parts whose hardness or strength would be reduced below drawing or specification requirements by heating to 640 °F.

Specification Specification Description Company
AMS 2416 Nickel Cadmium Plate Honeywell
AMS 2416 Nickel Cadmium Plate Pratt & Whitney / Raytheon
AMS 2416 Nickel Cadmium Plate Pratt & Whitney Canada / Raytheon
SS 8488 Nickel-Cadmium Plate Sikorsky
SPOP 25 Nickel-Cadmium Plate SPOP
AMS 2416 Nickel Cadmium Plate UTC Aerospace Sys. - Collins Aerospace
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