Technical Staff

Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemists and Chemical Technicians comprise our technical staff.  Most have served in other industries and have widespread experience.

Chemical and Testing Laboratory

Our laboratory is staffed by personnel trained in chemical and / or metallurgical disciplines.  These lab technicians have access to sophisticated laboratory equipment such as x-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, metallurgical microscopes, microhardness testers, accelerated corrosion chambers, and apparatus for performing classical wet and gravimetric analysis. Our laboratory is responsible for routine control of all process solutions, product testing, wastewater analysis and record keeping.

Customer Service

Our experienced engineering staff is available to advise customers on technical matters on a regular basis.  In addition, our production control personnel are available to answer customer questions regarding scheduling and delivery to assure fastest processing possible.  These production controllers are well versed in specification requirements and are specifically trained to read and interpret blueprints.

Personnel Training

Our company training program is formulated to systematically train all new employees in the skills necessary to maintain our quality reputation.  Additionally, our qualified supervisory staff conducts periodic in house training programs to up date all our personnel in new technology and methods.  They are also fully trained in the aspect of safe handling and disposal of hazardous material.

Connecticut Facility: 603 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110

Tel: 860.236.6801

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