The Har-Conn Process

The Har-Conn process is true and has helped us service our customers well for over 65 years.

How We Do It

First of all, we provide you with answers. 

  • Our production control department will work with you in meeting your delivery schedule. 
  • Our technical staff, comprised of chemical engineers, chemist, metallurgical technicians, and machinists, will give you all the technical support you will need to do the job right. 
  • Our quality control department will provide incoming, in-process, and final inspection for you parts as well as laboratory  support and product testing according to your particular requirements. 
  • Our quality control managers will see that all technical requirements and specifications have been met and issue certificates of conformance with each job.

We operate our company like an aerospace subcontractor:  Our engineering department will review the blueprints and specifications related to your job.  Process sheets detailing work to be performed are written and issued to our production department.  These process sheets, records of inspection, test data, and certifications are kept on file for future reference.

Our Commitment to Service

Our organization is committed to processing your parts in the shortest time possible. We are flexible and creative in finding ways to meet your delivery schedule.  We know how important turnaround time is to you, our customer.

Our Facility

Our plant, located in West Hartford, Connecticut, offers customers nationwide access to fast, quality processing within a  reasonable distance.  We have an energetic capital investment program at our facility that ensures annual increase in capacity and up-to-date equipment with which to work.  We strive for constant improvements in our ability to stay abreast of modern technology.

Quoting and Estimating

A comprehensive record system of all parts we have quoted or processed in our facilities are maintained on file by prime contractor or part number and company designation.  We make this information available to our established and prospective customers in the form of quoting and estimating service.  This service is offered in response to fax, email or telephone request. The personnel staffing of our quoting and estimating department have exceptional experience in specification type plating. They will assist you in engineering the most economical procedures of manufacture in relation to the plating or painting specifications.

Connecticut Facility: 603 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110

Tel: 860.236.6801

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