Har-Conn Brings New General Manager, Fredrick J. Gariepy, On Board


West Hartford, CT – Har–Conn Chrome Company (Privately Held) today announced the appointment of Fredrick J. Gariepy to its executive team as General Manager of the West Hartford facility.

The General Manager is a new position for the West Hartford division, and Gariepy’s responsibilities include overseeing all operational aspects of the West Hartford facility.

"Har-Conn has added this position to their West Hartford division and Fred is a veteran in corporate operations," says Tim Backus, Har–Conn’s President. "Fred is very results–oriented and has the skill set and business tools that will allow us to continue our growth while developing manufacturing efficiencies and ensuring industry standards compliance as well as assisting in achieving our environmental goals. Further, this will allow me to focus on strategic growth and long term expansion".

This addition to the management team represents another strategic milestone that strengthens Har–Conn’s position as the industry leader in the metal coatings markets. Gariepy brings more than 25 years of manufacturing and engineering experience in the industry to Har–Conn. He has a unique blend of manufacturing management coupled with a technically strong understanding of engineering principles and machine operations. Previously he has held a broad array of roles with Vaupell, Pro–Corporation PMC, Micron Machine Tools, Steve Industries, and many others.

Gariepy, 47 and a native of South Hadley, MA, earned his BS in Industrial Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1981 and complemented that with a Master of Business Management from Cambridge College in 1999.

About Har–Conn Chrome Plating

Since its founding in 1948, Har–Conn has become one of the largest independently owned aerospace processing firms in the world. Har–Conn specializes in aerospace and high technology applications of electroplated and related coatings. Har–Conn currently operates two facilities; West Hartford, Connecticut, and Fort Worth, Texas. Their reputation for quality and service is outstanding, serving more than 2000 customers worldwide!

Har–Conn’s work is found in such diverse areas as the space shuttle, the missile program, military and commercial aircraft engine, airframe, and landing gear, surgical instruments, computer components, avionics, laser equipment, automotive, and electronic equipment.

Har–Conn applies engineering— type electroplated and electroless coatings. Har–Conn also applies dry film lubricants, sprayed high temperature coatings used for corrosion resistance, and chemical conversion coatings. Har–Conn repairs worn or "mis-machined" parts to restore dimensional tolerances. Har–Conn processes very large parts (e.g., jet engine turbine cases and landing gear cylinders), and very small parts (e.g., cobalt X-Ray elements, 1.6 million pieces to the kilogram).

Har–Conn is both NADCAP accredited and a member of SEMA.


603 New Park Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110
Tel: 860.236.6801

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603 New Park Avenue
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Tel: 860.236.6801

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